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Buyer behaviour – business customers

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Your role as a marketer and influencer B2B buying behaviour An introduction Business markets. Four main kinds The type of purchase it is Characteristics of business transactions Demand for business products Marketing plan Distribution strategy Marketing communications strategy Media strategy Pricing strategy Proposition Positioning strategy Segmentation/targeting strategy Product development The most appropriate product is selected/brought The post-purchase evaluation Psychological influences Individual influences Supplier analysis may be used Environment influences Value analysis may be used Perceived risk Marketing/media Seasonal/other factors Organisational influences Products and suppliers are evaluated against the specifications Perceived value Marketing can influence the information search A search starts for the right product and supplier A product specification is developed to solve the problem Maslow's hierachy of needs Customer needs The customer becomes aware of a problem or need Marketing can trigger an awareness of need Primary concerns of business buyers Attributes of business buyers Profile your targeted customers Gain insight into the buying centre/DMU New task Modified rebuy Straight rebuy